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Calcium Sorbate, synthesized from acid and calcium carbonate, is a non-toxic and highly effective preservative.


Excellent Whiteness--With advanced production process, SANHE® Calcium Sorbate is extremely white. The stability of the whiteness is constant and reliable.

Good Heat Stability--Product whiteness does not change within 90 minutes at 105°c. Thermal decomposition occurs around 400°c.

Solubility--It is slightly soluble in water (1.2%) and it does not dissolve in organic solvents such as ethyl alcohol.

Good Inhibitory Activity--As an acid preservative, Sanhe® calcium sorbate has inhibitory activity against a wide spectrum of yeast, mold, bacteria, and most food-borne pathogens.

High Safety--Thoroughly tested by international authorities, Calcium Sorbate is a non-hazardous , non-toxic food additive which has been widely used in food industry.

Appearance--White powder, odorless.

Specification--The quality of Calcium Sorbate comply with the standard of FCC.

The Standard of FCC
Specification Index
Content of Calcium Sorbate 98.0-101.0%
Loss on drying (105°c,3h) <1.0%
Acidity (as Sorbic Acid) Passes(about 1%)
Alkalinity (as K2CO3) Passes(about 0.5%)
Lead (GT-18, sample2g) <5mg/kg
Arsenic (as As);GT-3 <3mg/kg
Heavy Metals (as Pb);GT-16-2,sample 2g <10mg/kg

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