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Potassium Sorbate is commonly regarded as a non-toxic, high effective preservative. It is synthesized from sorbic acid and potassium carbonate.


Excellent Color Stability--SANHE® Potassium sorbate of th, manufactured in the special advanced process, has solved the problem of yellowish appearance and unstable color in the radiation process. SANHE® potassium sorbate appears to be very white, color stability is very good.

Good Solubility--The solubility is 58.2g in 100ml water at 20°c, 20g in 100ml propylene glycol at 20°c, 2.0g in 100ml ethylalcohol at 20°c.

Good Heat Stability--It's stable in solid form in sealed package. But oxidation and color change easily occur if it is prolongly exposed in the air. Though it lacks a defined melting, thermal decomposition occurs around 270°c.

Good Inhibitory Activity--It's acid a preservative with inhibitory ability against a wide spectrum of yeasts, molds and bacteria, including most food borne pathogens. Its inhibitory activity depends upon the pH of the substrate; the upper limit for activity is pH6.5 in most applications and the degree of activity increase as the pH decrease.

High Safety--It's a potassium salt of unsaturated fatty acid. It can take part in the normal metabolism. WHO has approved it with the highest acceptable daily intake of all food preservatives 25mg/kg body weight. The safety of potassium sorbate has been well demonstrated.

Application--Potassium sorbate is used primarily in a wide range of food. For example soy, jam, margarine, confections, wines dairy products, seafood, fruit and vegetable products, meat product, baked product, lactic acid drink, etc. and feed products and to a lesser extent in certain, pharmacy, and tobacco products. When using potassium sorbate in food, feed, drugs, cosmetics of other products, the range and maximum levels must observe the respective regulations governing the use of food additive in your county or area.

Appearance--White granules or powder, odorless.

Specification--SANHE® potassium sorbate complies with the standard of the FCC.

The Standard of the FCC
Specification Index
Assay (C6H7KO2, as dry basis) wt% 98.0-101.0
Acidity (as Sorbic Acid) wt% Passes Test (about 1%)
Alkalinity (as K2CO3) wt% Passes Test (about 1%)
Heavy Metals (as Pb) wt%≤ 0.001
Loss on Drying wt%≤ wt%≤ 1.0

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