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TIAN JU TANG        Sweetener

At present, the complex product of the sweetener Acesulfame K and Aspartame is a generally acknowledged excellent sweetener in the world. SANHE® Tianjutang is a high-sweetness,low-calorie complex sweetener. It is manufactured by mixing the sweetener Acesulfame K, Aspartame and sorbitol. It offers complex advantages for food and beverage manufacturers.

High Sweetness-Tianjutang-200 is 200 times sweeter than sucrose, similarly Tianjutang-100 is 100 times sweeter and Tianjutang-50 is 50 times sweeter.

Good Sensory Properties--It has a good sugar-taste that does not linger or leave an aftertaste.

Good Stability--It is stable under a wide pH range and thermal processing conditions in most food and beverage processing.

Good Solubility--Ease dissolution in water allows it to blend quickly with aqueous food components.

High Safety--The safety of Acesulfame K Aspartame and Sorbitol have been well demonstrated. They are non-hazardous and non-toxic.

Uses--Tianjutang is used widely in food formulation. For example: beverage, wine, confection, chewing gum, dry base for dessert, dry base for dairy product analog, backed goods, yogurts, refrigerated and frozen desserts, table top sweeteners, salad dressing, table syrups, etc. and the drugs, or the other products. Tianjutang provides the versatility that can help you men your toughest reduced calorie needs and reduce your risk for coronary disease and require sugar-free food formulation for diabetic etc. When using Tianjutang in food, drugs and other products, the range and maxi-mum levels must observe the respective regulations governing the use of this food additive in your country or area.

Appearance and Color--
White powder or granules, odorless.
Specification Index
Tianjutang-200 Tianjutang-100 Tianjutang-50
Content of Acesulfame K    Wt%≥
(C4H4NO4SK, anhydrous basis)
45 20 10
Sweeter, times     ≥
(as 3 percent surcrose solution)
200 100 50
Dry weight loss              Wt%≤ 3.0
Heavy metals(as Pb)      Wt%≤ 0.001
Arsenic(as AS)                Wt%≤ 0.0003

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